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AnnElese Galleo is a dedicated performer, choreographer & educator currently based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Known for her high energy and charisma bundled up in a five-foot package, AnnElese strives to make a crowd smile. She carries professionalism with her in and outside of the theatre space and is fulfilled when learning and growing with other artists. AnnElese reinforces a safe environment to work and create and is not afraid to ask for help. Her curiosity with everything often leads to thousands of questions which is why she enjoys working with others who like to offer insight and ideas in ways to help improve her work and understanding. 

AnnElese was homegrown in the "Star City," also known as Roanoke, a beautiful city in Southern Virginia. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Music Theatre at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

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Updated Reels Coming Soon!

Quarantine Jazz Dance Reel

Vocal Reel

Newsies: Dance Captain



"AnnElese is as hardworking as they come - staying after class or rehearsal to ask questions, taking detailed notes during lessons, working countless hours at home to prepare for the next rehearsal, and giving 110% to everything she does."
- Travis Kendrick | Mill Mountain Theatre

"I have nothing bad to say about this lovely student...I recommend her to you wholeheartedly and without reservation."
Rachel Black | Emory and Henry

"AnnElese has 'it' - that special light that cannot be taught but can be cultivated to shine at its brightest."
- Travis Kendrick | Mill Mountain Theatre


B.F.A. Musical Theatre class of 2023

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